Ways To Save Money For Your Wedding

It’s safe to say that even though weddings are one of the most fun and important days of our lives, they can also be very expensive. It doesn’t matter if you are having an intimate ceremony in your family home or a black tie wedding, your plans will involve a space to be decorated and professionals to be hired. Almost everyone has a wedding budget they would like to stick to and most of the brides and grooms I know plan it all on their own to save money. 

Luckily there are so many creative ways to go about saving money. Here are some ideas that won’t affect the quality of your wedding, will make it feel chic but can help you with stay in control of your budget:

1. Have a Longer Engagement:

Yes, that means you will have more time to save money but also means you will be able to buy some of the items you need in the January sales and have more time to do DIY projects.

2. Send Out Electronic Invites Where Possible:

Less paper, less envelopes, no postage equals less money to be spent.

3. Don’t Limit Yourself to a Friday or Saturday Wedding:

Some venues and vendors might offer a better price for a weekday or a Sunday before a bank holiday, for example.

4. Choose a Beautiful Wedding Venue:

Some venues have amazing outdoor views and architectural design elements that will provide stunning backdrops. By choosing such a venue you won’t have to spend lots of money on bringing in decorations. The natural beauty of the place might be enough.

5. Think About A Non-Traditional Wedding Venue:

Restaurants, historic buildings, clubs, pubs and warehouses for example, can cost less and may offer better rates than traditional venues.

6. Getting Married in The Winter Season Has It’s Perks:

Most of the places will be already decorated for the holiday season with beautiful foliage and lights everywhere!

7. Have Your Ceremony And Reception In The Same Place. 

This way you won’t pay fees for two venues and you will save money on transportation and professionals payed by the hour.

8. Trim The Guest List:

Yes, this is one of the most sensitive areas but limiting the number of guests will save you a significant amount. Inviting a group of people only for the party, after dinner, is another way of cutting costs.

9. Take hand-me-downs and your something borrowed from family and friends:

I am sure your mom would be honoured and love to see you wearing her fabulous jewellery on your big day and your best friend would be super happy for you to borrow the veil she wore on her wedding day. Some friends might still have some wedding decoration items you could use without having to pay. 

10. Keep An Eye On Facebook Marketplace & Groups:

I often see people selling second hand items that are beautiful and at a lower price than the ones you find in stores. This is also better for the environment too!

11. Visit Charity Shops and Discount Stores:

There are so many itens you can use on your wedding day: Signs, frames, candle, jars, candy… you can find good stuff when you go to those! 

12. When Buying Online, Order Items In Advance:

If you leave it to the last minute it will cost you extra for postage.

13. Use Bigger Tables To Acommodate Your Guests:

Save on tablecloths and centrepieces.

14. Go For What Is In-Season:

When buying products and flowers for your wedding, make sure you’re buying things in season. Some Flowers can be very expensive to import out of season. Choosing more greenery than flowers helps to bring the cost down too!

15. Forget The Champagne Toast:

As lovely as a flute of champagne is your guests will probably already have drinks in their hands during the speeches. I have also seen lots of half finished champagne flutes left aside at the end of the speeches because some people don’t like mixing drinks!

16. DIY Some Stuff But Not Everything:

If you have a talent for something… use it!  For our wedding we did almost everything ourselves;  from the invitations to the favours. You can make your own signs, table numbers, place names, seating chart, menus, decor, favours… the list is endless! Be creative! Pinterest is your best friend to get some inspiration!

17. Get Creative With Your Cake:

You can go for a non traditional cake, like doughnuts or cupcakes or you can have a smaller cake just for photos. If you go for a bigger cake you can have take away boxes so that your guests can bring a slice home as a wedding favour.

18. Shop Designer Or Sample Dresses:

The wedding dress I wore in Brazil was not a traditional wedding dress but it was still fabulous! I also helped my sister to get her dream dress (first picture) at an unbelievable price! It was a sample dress but in amazing condition… it just needed a few alterations to fit her perfectly. I found her dress on Bridal Village. Pro tip:  Don’t forget to budget for alterations.

19. Keep A Track Of Your Expenses:

Keep an eye on the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves. Pay attention to your small expenses as they do add up and affect your overall budget.

Your wedding doesn’t need to be expensive to be beautiful. Using some of those tips above can help you save money but you can still create a luxe for less wedding. All you need is attention to detail and creativity! 

Have you used any of the tips above? Do you have a tip to help brides-to-be with their wedding budget? Let us know in the comments below.

All photos are by Emmylie Cruz.

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