Home Birth : Welcome Lugh

This week I had the wonderful opportunity to witness a home birth & I am beyond grateful.

When Fernanda called me around 2pm on Wednesday I started getting ready for what could be a long night ahead. I didn’t know how things were going to happen but I was soooo excited.  I arrived at Fernanda & Peter’s home and I saw a nest full of love for Lugh. Although Fernanda was in pain, she was very calm & concentrated. As the hours passed & pain got worse I could see how much love and support she had. Her husband, mother, niece, her wonderful doula Niamh did everything they could so that Fernanda would be comfortable and relaxed and so that Lugh would arrive safely into this world.

It was such a beautiful experience to watch & I will never forget it. 

Thank you Fernanda & Peter for sharing this moment with me. Welcome Lugh! 

Now, get some tissues and press play.

Home Birth Photography by Emmylie Cruz.

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