17 Wedding Day Tips

As a two time bride (Ireland & Brazil) and a wedding photographer in Ireland I know how stressful a wedding day can be. You wake up on your wedding day excited and nervous at the same time and you need to keep in mind you have a schedule to follow. It can be overwhelming!

Te help you prepare for your day, I have put together a list of 17 tips that will make everything run that little bit smoother.

1. Hydrate

Prior to your day drink loads of water. Not only it will do wonders for your skin but it will also help to keep your energy levels up & will help your digestive system. Needless to say you should drink loads of water on your wedding day too!

2. Have an early night

Go to bed earlier than usual the night before. With all the excitement it might take you longer to fall asleep. Make sure you get your beauty sleep. Bilateral music might help! You want to be rested as you have a big day ahead of you the next day. 

3. Don’t forget to eat

Have a substantial breakfast - high in protein and complexed carbs. It’s a really long day! You might also want to have a sandwich before you put your dress on to leave to the ceremony.

4. Delegate

Tell people what to do. Nominate a bridesmaid to be the point of contact on the day to deal with the vendors and venue and a groomsman to collect all the cards and presents for you. That way you will be able to enjoy your day without having to think of small things or any issues that might arise.

5. Have an emergency kit

Include things as as sewing kit with needle and thread (in the colours of the dresses), a first aid kit, tablets you usually take for pain, make up removal wipes, tampons… anything that will help you in case of an emergency!

6. Have your dress and accessories handy and keep the room clear of any clutter

It makes it easier for you and your photographer if your dress and accessories are laid out to be photographed and the room is clean and clear of suitcases and bags. That way you won’t be disturbed to try to find things and everything will be ready for you once your make up and hair are done. Keep your bags and other things you won’t need inside a wardrobe or bathroom.

7. Music matters

Choose a nice playlist of songs to listen to in the morning. Or ask one of your bridesmaids to choose them! Music helps setting the mood. A good playlist can really get the party started early! Here is an example.

8. Allow enough time to get ready

Trust me. You don’t want to be in a rush! Allowing enough time to put the dress on gives you the opportunity to get make up touch ups and to get beautiful photos taken while the make up is fresh, before leaving for the ceremony.

9. Be ready for the happy tears

Hide tissues in the middle of your bouquet just in case you need them during the ceremony and get your bridesmaids to do the same.

10. Concentrate on each other during the ceremony and take it all in

Hold your partner’s hand and look at each other during the ceremony, especially the vows! It seems obvious but you would be surprised by the amount of people who get nervous and forget to do these small things.

11. Prepare for the family photos

Have a short list of family members you would like to have photos with and let everyone now when and where the family photos will be done. Nominate someone from your bridal party to round up your relatives - that way this part will take less time and everything will flow more smoothly. 

12. Enjoy having your couples photos taken

I always say to my couples that this is an opportunity for the two of you to spend some quiet time “alone” - away from your guests. Cuddle, kiss, hug each other! Let your love shine!

13. Think of your guests

Depending on the time between the ceremony and dinner your guests could get quite hungry! Make sure enough hours d’oeuvres and finger food will be served.

14. Make a big entrance

Weather you’re walking into the dinning room to the sound of your favourite song or if you decide to surprise your guests dressed up as dinosaurs - have fun!!

15. Keep the speeches short and sweet

Try not to drag your speeches out. Your guests will appreciate it! If you are not planning on writing down your full speech, write down bullet points and stick to them. Don’t forget to thank people - especially your partner!

16. Enjoy your first dance

This is your very first dance as a married couple so enjoy it before inviting everyone else to join you on the dance floor.

17. Remember why you’re getting married and have fun

Things might not go as you planned but remember the important thing: you are marrying the love of your life surrounded by the people you love. Your wedding day will go by sooo fast so remember to take some time just for the two of you and most importantly don’t forget to HAVE FUN!! 

 Do you have another wedding day tip to share? 

I would love to know!! Don’t forget to leave your comment below.

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