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  1. Fabiana & Tomas’ wedding destination at Hluboká Castle in the Czech Republic

    Date 01 Aug 2018
    Many people dream of getting married in a castle but only some get to realise that dream. Fabiana & Tomas had their destination wedding at Hluboká Castle in the Czech Republic last June and I was there to photograph it. The castle is considered one of the most beautiful in the Czech Republic and it was the perfect…

  2. Karlailla & Clayton’s engagement shoot in Ireland

    Date 16 Jul 2018
    It’s been almost one year since Karlailla & Clayton flew to Ireland to do their engagement photos with me. They love travelling and had never been here before so we decided to do a little trip around to visit some of the beautiful spots Ireland has to offer: Wicklow Mountains…

  3. Sorcha & Brian’s Engagement Shoot

    Date 28 Jun 2018
    Oh summer! My favourite time of the year. So nice, warm & the light is great for photo shoots! If you follow me on Instagram you know I did Sorcha & Brian’s engagement shoot at the top of Ticknock Mountain one of these days and I couldn’t wait to share it with you. Check…

  4. Sandra & Paul’s wedding at Castleknock Hotel & Country Club

    Date 11 Jun 2018
    One year has gone by since Sandra & Paul’s beautiful wedding. They got married on a gorgeous sunny day surrounded by their loved ones & Castleknock hotel & Country Club was the venue they chose for their reception. Everyone had such a great time, especially the kids! Check it out &amp…

  5. Renata & Conor’s engagement shoot

    Date 10 Jun 2018
    Hi everyone! After aaaaaages away I am back with the blog! I spent some time away for one reason: Ellie. If you follow me on Instagram you know I am a mum now! So I had to take it easy & enjoy my pregnancy and of course Ellie’s first months…

  6. BOFINFEST: Joanne & Nathan’s wedding at Inishbofin Island

    Date 28 Aug 2017
    A emoção e beleza do momento mais importante na vida de Joanne e Nathan começou ainda ao caminho do local favorito do casal, a ilha Inishbofin, a quase quatro horas de Dublin. Durante o trajeto pudemos entrar no clima, o que não foi difícil contemplando o azul cristalino do Atlântico. Assim

  7. Ellie & Fasty’s wedding at Horetown House Co. Wexford - video

    Date 24 Jul 2017
    Ellie & Fasty got married December last year at the beautiful Horetown House Co. Wexford. Wonderful details, gorgeous dresses & stunning pink sky sunset. Press play & check it out.

  8. Clare Frances & Hatim in the blue city

    Date 28 Jun 2017
    When Richie and I were in Morocco the first time we thought about going to Chefchouen, also known as the blue city. But as we were in Marrakech and it was too far away it didn’t happen. But then Clare Frances & Hatim invited us to photograph their wedding in Tangier and…

  9. Clare Frances & Hatim’s moroccan celebrations

    Date 28 Jun 2017
    I spoke about Clare Frances & Hatim here before who invited Richie and I to photograph their weddings in Connemara, Ireland and Tangier, Morocco. We were not only very happy to go back to Morocco but also extremely excited for the opportunity to photograph their celebrations and learn more about their traditions. There was a henna party, delicious mint tea &…

  10. Fabiana & Tomas in Glendalough

    Date 15 Jun 2017
    I love Glendalough! It is one of my favourite places in Ireland and it was where Fabiana and Tomas chose to do their engagement photos last autumn. They are a lovely couple and we had a great time doing the photos! They are getting married today in Hluboká nad Vltavou in the Czech…

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