My name is Emmylie (pronounced Emily but with some extra letters) & I am originally from Roraima, in Brazil. 
I graduated from University with a law degree but photography has always been a passion & a big part of my life so
 I decided to pursue it as a career.

When I moved to Dublin seven years ago I never imagined what a beautiful life I would built in Ireland.

I met my other half Richie six years ago. I first fell in love with him by looking at his photo on P.O.F. (yeah, I know!!) and then again when I saw him waiting for me for our first date wearing a checkered shirt, jeans & all stars!!! 

 Six years later... here we are! Living our biggest adventure so far! We have a beautiful brown eyed, red haired, 'Brazirish' daugther, named Ellie, the love of our lives. The reason we do everything we do. It's been a wonderful journey so far!


I am and have always been a hopeless romantic. I am inspired by love in all its forms - the love between a couple, between a mother & daughter, a father and son, friends... I love love stories. I care. I cry. I laugh. I live each & every wedding day fully.

I celebrate life & love. I am honoured & grateful to do what I love.

As a Wedding Photographer / Wedding Videographer I am invited to witness one of people's most special days & I believe a wedding day is an amazing & special day to be celebrated with your loved ones & to be enjoyed to the fullest.

Every wedding day is a beautiful story yet to unfold & I feel it's important to capture the day in its truthfulness. I observe how big & small moments unfold to capture the laughter, the happy tears, the love, the connection between people, the feelings. The real thing. I will capture beautiful moments that will be treasured by generations to come!


People will try to tell you how fast your wedding day goes by, but you probably won't understand how fast until you experience it. It flies by. Trust me. Myself & my other half Richie have been there and done that... twice, in Ireland & BrazilI also learnt a few 'tricks' along my 10 years as a professional photographerYou need someone with a calm & chilled attitude that will put you at ease on your big day. With me there's no stress, no fuss.  It's very important to me that you have the best wedding day experience. Relax & have fun while I do my thing! Your memories are in good hands!

If that's what you're looking for, then click here to check my availability. Tell me more about you and your partner, what's important to you & your plans for your big day.

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